Amy Ryan

I opened art approach in 2008, not long after moving to Rockford from Britain to marry the love of my life, who was born and raised here.  So here I am fortunate enough to be able to call Rockford home as we still live here with our two little boys.

I have always had an appreciation for artwork, having been dragged to art museums from a very young age whilst traveling around Europe!  I went on to major in Art History for my undergrad degree and then had the great privilege of completing my master's degree at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.  Whilst in the UK I gained a great deal of experience in art consulting both during a long internship and a full time position with the two of the most successful art consultancies in the company: Art for Offices International Art Consultants and Art Contact. When I first started it was before the daily use of the internet (gasp … I have just aged myself!) so we would load up huge artworks and drove to potential clients to present the art, this in itself taught me so much about the art of communication, we did not want to get it wrong as it was a time waster for everyone involved.  Typically now I email a presentation of potential artworks for you to peruse at your leisure rather than carving out a couple of hours out of your day whilst I unload a van full of artwork for you to look at whilst I hold it up to a wall for you.

I enjoy every part of art consulting – I love to get to know both my clients and my artists as getting to know personalities helps me to select the artwork which fits each space best.  It is important to me to build up a rapport with my clients, whether I am sourcing artwork for their home or an office environment.  As artwork is subjective, I believe it is important that we have great lines of communication as that way the perfect artwork in a timely manner.

I understand that each project is different and I treat it as such whether assisting a home owner, company owner or project manager, artwork can truly turn a house into a home and an office into a space that inspires both employees and clients.  I really enjoy working with architects and interior designers as well.  When I work with interior designers I will happily work just with them, and not with their client.  I believe that I am sourcing a part of their vision and I am respectful of the fact that the project likely would have taken them months to complete. I trust that they can convey to me their clients vision as well as their own. 

 No matter your art needs please give me a call so we can chat.  I look forward to meeting you and transforming your space into an inspiring area that people want to be in!